The Practice is a movement-based class that combines yoga with high-intensity training to unlock the patterns of your mind. We all have ingrained patterns of thought and beliefs, and we use these to navigate our way through the world. The Practice allows us to use movement to get at these patterns of thought, behaviours and actions, so that we may see ourselves more clearly. It is when we are presented with our truth that we can begin to acknowledge that which no longer serves us and to create new neo-plasticity in our brains, so that we may forge a new path. A path with less suffering, a path of greater awareness, a path towards a more authentic Self. Set to incredible, mood-altering music and bodily expressions of freedom, The Practice is open to all levels. Come Practice with us! 

Doktor Bex Gatan 4 | Guldheden

TUESDAY 19:45-20:45
THURSDAY 17:45-18:45

Each Class is 150 SEK
Bookings must be made on Boka Direkt (click box below)